Blog Curation – Is It A Scam?

Many times here at WFHW we have come across products that suggest: “we have solved the problem of showing regular people how to build a profitable website”.

So today I’m going to look at Blog Curation, one such program that suggests it can simplify the process of building a profitable website.

Blog Curation Scam

The Blog Curation website does look very professionally put together and the information provided is up to date according to the websites copyright date.

Moving on I started looking into what this website provides and it seems to offer people with non-profitable websites the chance to improve their chances of long term financial success, through their websites.

Further reading advised that you need a ‘curated’ website to be successful in Google, which can mean a number of things but in this case it simply means that your website needs to be “organized”.

On watching the 97 minutes long webinar, the website they’ve used as an example is what I would call an old and outdated website that focuses on building a site with multiple landing pages.

This definitely would not provide any benefits that Google might be looking for. Later on into this lengthy video you are shown the same website with an improved theme and updated content.

This is the type of website that we see a lot of these days and is the norm as to how one is set up in its simplest form.

There is no real reason why this video needs to be so long, and the majority of what’s important can be simplified in just a few minutes.

Next I moved on to what exactly Blog Curation provide you with, and there isn’t any mention on the site until you come to the Order Page, and that is where it gets really interesting.

The prices are what I would call expensive because the reality is, this can all be done for free.

Blog Curation Scam

Next I do what I normally do with any person saying they are expert in their chosen field, and that is to do some research.

I did find some reviews which uncovered some interesting facts but I could not find anything concrete against the creator of Blog Curation.

Plus within what you get is a mention of some software which once again I can find very little about, how important it is, and/or what it does.

This does not mean that it isn’t any good but I am always wary when you are paying for something which the WFHW team have no idea about.


From the outset there doesn’t appear to be too much about Blog Curation to suggest that it might be a scam.

However my biggest concern is the simple fact that building a blog or website can be done completely free of charge, and online communities exist where support, help and advice are all available free of charge.

This makes it very difficult for me to suggest that Blog Curation represents good value for money, despite it appearing to be a well put together product.

If you have any experience with Blog Curation then we would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave your comment below.

Neil – WFHW

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  • I joined the Blog Curation team at the $497 price ticket and stuck with it a full year.It took a lot of time and work and I never made one single penny from it, but spent plenty including the hosting cost for the website and cost of an autoresponder. I followed their procedure as closely as I could and never made it to page one of Google, hence never got more than a small handful of subscribers (mostly friends and family who felt obligated to sign up). I even presented good, original content as well as recommending other sites. I know of at least 5 or 6 people who also joined, some even at the one-on-one coaching level, who made little or no real money and who quit, disgruntled, as was I. The software that was included was virtually and actually worthless. Do I feel ripped off? YOU BET. I wasted $500 + and a whole year of my time, hating the chore of coming up every day with a blog post, which took me up to 4 hours a day (it was claimed it would take no longer than 15 minutes to a half hour a day). Along with finding suitable material to curate, we had to research keyword tags and find royalty-free photos for every post. Researching suitable curation material, suitable photos and looking up suitable keyword tags that got just the right amount of monthly Google searches, took A LOT OF TIME. My recommendation: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY DOING BLOG CURATION.!

    • Marcy sorry to hear about your experience with Blog Curation. It is definitely a program to be avoided as there is little to know chance of see any returns with it as you have experience.

      You may want to take a look at our recommendations page. With the kind of commitment and dedication you put into Blog Curation you would definitely be seeing returns with of of these programs.

      All the best,

      WFHW Team