Blingo Review

Does today feel like your lucky day?

Did you ever consider that doing an everyday task such as surfing the Internet could give you the opportunity to win some pretty nice prizes?  Maybe even a new car?

You’re probably thinking…yah right!  The WFHW team heard rumors that we needed to investigate, so we headed over to Blingo to see what all the excitement was about.

What is Blingo?

Owned by Publishers ‘Clearing House’, Blingo is a search engine that randomly gives away prizes to those who use it to search the web.

How Does Blingo Work?

Prizes range from $5 Amazon gift cards, music downloads, free movie tickets, flat screen televisions, computers, cash prizes and yes even cars.

Prizes change on a regular basis, and they are awarded at totally random times.  The person who enters a legitimate web search closet to the predetermined time, wins.

Only residents of the US who are 13 years of age or older are eligible.  You can use Blingo as frequently as you like but only your first 25 searches each day will be eligible for prizes.

You do not need to register with Blingo in order to win.  Simply go to the Blingo home page and search the Internet in the way that you would do normally on Google.

If you’re a winner, a screen will pop up indicating that you have won and will provide instructions on how to claim your prize.

Both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have a free toolbar that you can download and use to search Blingo.  This makes searching a lot easier.

The odds of winning are not disclosed, however, to date Blingo has given away over 149,407 prizes and new prizes are announced on the site every day.

According to Blingo the more users they get the more prizes they’ll give away.

What is Blingo Friends?

Blingo friends is Blingo’s referral program, and to take part you need to register to participate.

Blingo provides “win with me” banners and graphics that you can use to share links to Blingo on your websites, blogs, Facebook page and other social media sites.  Then when someone you refer to Blingo wins a prize, you also win the same prize!

How Can Blingo Offer Such Generous Prizes?

As a Yahoo partner, Blingo gets all their searches and ads from Yahoo itself.  However, unlike Yahoo, Blingo takes some of their ad revenue and uses it to fund prizes.  It’s Blingo’s way of thanking their users for using the service.

What Are the Limitations Of Using Blingo?

Although Blingo is powered by Bing/Yahoo, Blingo does not have all the bells and whistles that they provide with their search results.

For example, you will not be able to search maps, so if you are searching for something specific to a location then Blingo may not provide that best results.

Also remember that only your first twenty-five searches each day are eligible for prizes.

You can only win two prizes each month, whether you win them yourself or someone you refer though Blingo Friends wins.  Only legitimate searches are eligible for prizes, so searches for the same word that are done over and over again are excluded.

We think it’s a great little program, but we suggest that you be the judge – take Blingo for a test drive and see how you like it.   You never know…you might be the next lucky winner!

Although Blingo isn’t a typical way to make money online,  it is a fun way to win some great prizes without too much effort on your part!

Terri – WFHW

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