Big Crumbs Review

Do you like saving money when shopping and getting  good deals on the products you buy?

If you answered yes to this question then keep reading because I think you’ll be very interested in what we found out about Big Crumbs.

Companies pay BIG bucks for advertising.  Networks like Big Crumbs offer retailers a more effective and efficient option to promote their products and services which provide a much higher return on investment compared to tradition advertising.

What Is Big Crumbs?

Big Crumbs is an online shopping rewards network where members earn cash back when they shop online at eBay or over 1500 retailers who are partnered with Big Crumbs.

You earn commissions when members make purchases while connecting to retailers through their Big Crumbs link.  These commissions are shared with members in the form of Big Crumbs credits.

Members also earn money when they refer friends, family and others to Big Crumbs.  When members sign up using your referral link you get credit for the purchases they make.  You also earn cash when the referrals of your direct referrals, shop.

This is a win-win situation as you get to earn money while helping others save money by shopping through Big Crumbs.

Big Crumbs membership is open to those who live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States.  Sign up takes a matter of minutes and all that is required is your contact information and email address.

The Big Crumbs membership is 100% free.  There are no hidden costs and you never pay extra when shopping at Big Crumbs retailers.  You are never asked for any credit card information.

Transaction are made directly with retailers.  Big Crumbs is notified of your purchase so they can credit your account.

The cash back amount is displayed with retailers details, so you always know the total cash back for each item before you make your purchase.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Big Crumbs?

  • Millions of ProductsBig Crumbs merchant partners and member stores feature a huge inventory of products from shampoo to footwear to vehicles.
  • Deals & Coupons – Save more with special offers including discounts as high as 80% off, free shipping and more.
  • My Favorites – Add retailers to your My Favorite list for quick, convenient access to stores you love.
  • QuickCrumb Bookmarks – For retailers you frequent often, add QuickCrumb bookmarks to your browser for easy access from anywhere on the web.
  • CommunityBig Crumbs has a large active community of members who enjoy sharing ideas, rating deals and helping new members.

Does Shopping Through Big Crumbs Cost More?

You do not pay more when you shop through Big Crumbs.   Prices are exactly the same as they would be if you shopped directly at the retailer.

How Do I Know How Much I Have Earned?

All Big Crumbs members have an account manager found in their back office which contains the following information:

  • The number of referrals that have signed up using your link and the number of people they referred.
  • The amount of cash back you’ve generated from your own shopping.
  • The amount of revenue you’ve earned from the shopping done by your referrals.
  • A monthly statement which outline earnings and rebate amounts from the previous month.
  • Your payment history.

It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for credits to appear in your account but for some retailers it can take up to a month.

If you happen to make two purchases from the same retailer on any given visit you need to click through again to the retailer before you make your second purchase in order to re-activate your credit.

You also have the option of using your QuickCrumb Bookmark to re-activate your credit.  A purchase is defined as a single checkout transaction which contains one or more items.

How Do I Get Paid By Big Crumbs?

Members are paid once per month provided their Big Crumbs account has a minimum balance of $5 to cash out.  Payments are processed on the 15th of every month unless the 15th is a holiday or weekend.

If that’s the case payments will be processed the next business day.

Payments are made one month in arrears so rebates and commissions earned in January are sent out in March.  This allows time for returns.

Big Crumbs offers two payment methods, Paypal or Big Crumbs Prepaid MasterCard.  Members who apply for the Big Crumbs Prepaid MasterCard will automatically have their card loaded on payday each month.

Paypal payments are sent to the email address that you use to register.

Is Big Crumbs Legitimate?

I only came across two complaints about Big Crumbs.  Each one was from a eBay customers who made a large number of purchases totaling amounts in the thousands.

It appeared that the transactions on the products that were not credited were either never completed for whatever reason or the product was returned.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn With Big Crumbs?

The amount you earn from Big Crumbs depends on the number of people you refer and the amount of shopping they do.  You may not make a lot, but one thing is for sure…if you shop online you can definitely save money by purchasing through Big Crumbs!

Big Crumbs mission is to help people enjoy better lives with less financial stress.

If you would like to get discounts of up to 80% and free shipping on the products you already purchase online, then give Big Crumbs a try.


Since writing this review, Big Crumbs has moved to MainStreetSHARES.

*Update 15/9/18 – MainStreetShares has since announced it is closing for business*

Terri – WFHW

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