BidGrid Auction Website: Bidding On Goods – With A Twist!

Product name: BidGrid
Product type: Auction website
Price: £0.01 to £3.00
Owner: Oliver Brand

Do you enjoy auctions?  Would you like to guarantee that your bid never goes to waste?

We found an auction site that has a super win/win twist, plus of course the chance to grab a real bargain.

If you’re smart about how you bid, you’ll definitely want to read on. I’m sure you will like what we’ve uncovered about the auction style website.

BidGrid Program Overview

BidGrid Ltd was founded on 25th October 2010.  The unique concept of the BidGrid auction site lets you use logic and strategy to improve your chances of winning the auction.

There are only 300 numbers you can place your bid on. The winner is the person who places their bid on the lowest number that no-one else chooses.

What’s Included With BidGrid?

At the BidGrid auction website you are able to bid on brand new desirable items such as, TV bundles, iMac and PC’s, perfumes games consoles and handheld devices, printers and even kitchen and outdoor items all with supplier warranties.

The auction timer starts with 10 days (at the most) and counts down by the second and doesn’t stop – unless a total of 500 bids have been placed before the timer reaches zero.

You do have to buy bid packs to actively take part in an auction. You’re limited to the number of bids you may place on an item – with 300 numbers to choose from, it’s usually 50 bids.

The 300 square grid is made up of squares labelled £0.01 up to £3.00 – the lowest unique bid square chosen, wins the item at the price of that square.

Who Is BidGrid For? is a great website for anyone who loves auction sites and grabbing a bargain.

However, I’m sure that those of us who prefer an element of skill and strategy will get the most out of BidGrid.

There are a few methods of bidding that greatly improve your chances of wining an auction at BidGrid and you can learn on their website quite quickly.

An added benefit is what I’m calling their buy now win/win promise.

Are There Any BidGrid Complaints?

There seems to be no complaints that I can see online about BidGrid at all, which is a big thumbs up for this business model.

My Own Thoughts On BidGrid

I have a couple of strains of thought in regards to this website, and both are positive.

1) If you are planning to buy an item that is on auction at it’s well worth rolling the dice of chance. I say this because the buy now price promise really does work in your favor.

Here’s how it works…

If I spend £47.00 in bids for a £150 item and don’t choose the lowest unique number – I lose the auction.

I can still buy the item, by hitting the buy now button and paying the difference between my bids and the buy now price – in the case of this example, another £103.00

2) This isn’t really luck or chance at all, winning at is at strategic as a game of chess.

When I looked back at past auctions I saw that most were won by people who had used their maximum bids and placed them in a block on the grid board.

Learning to read the info on the leaderboard helps serious bidders, who rarely place their bids until the last few days – it seems.

I will say that the ‘all winning bids below £3.00’ is a but of a sneaky statement.

Granted all wining bids on the grid will be below £3.00 but it may cost you a lot more than three pounds to secure that bid.

BidGrid Review Summary is a website that offers a creative way of auction bidding for items online.

Those in the auction pick a square on a 300 square grid. The grid represents £0.01 to £3.00 bids for the item with the lowest unique price winning.

‘Buy Now’ guarantees that you always pay the lowest price even if you lose the auction.


  • Game of skill with great rewards
  • Great items for sale 24hrs a day 365 a year
  • No complaints so everybody seems to love it
  • NO delivery charges – that’s unheard of! :)


  • Only available to residents of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Isle of Man.

Have you tried BidGrid? Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below. Oh and make sure you tell me what you were bidding on too!

Tony – WFHW

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  • Great Review Tony,

    BidGrid looks like one of the best sites I’ve seen for a long time. Exchange win and discount purchase options are great features. I’m getting involved!

    • Hi again Davinda It’s great to know your one of our regulars ;)

      I have to tell you I was really impressed with BidGrid. Take a really good look at the “how-to” info they have on their website. It’s a real strategy to this auction site… But just like you say there’s a great discount purchase option if you’re cards don’t come up anyway!

      Getting involved – great move, good luck buddy.

      WFHW Team

  • Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the great review!

    We really appreciate you taking the time to properly understand and clearly explain the different elements of the site.

    We don’t have any confirmed dates as of yet but there are plans in the pipeline to open up across Europe and further afield in the future.

    Thanks again,
    The BidGrid Team

    • Yip Yip BidGrid peeps,

      Great to hear from you guys and the review was fun to do, glad you like it.

      It’s awesome to hear that you are launching across Europe and more – best of luck with that venture & be sure to let us know when conquering the world goes live ;)

      Tony B
      WFHW Team