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You may not have heard of BeFunky, but If you have a child of school age, they may already be in the know because BeFunky has been doing the rounds as the top photo editor on mobile devices for quite a while.

BeFunky is freely available on the BeFunky website, and to download from the App Store or Google Play.


There are Premium and Professional options available for the more serious designers out there, but the free version is all the average person needs to “add marvelous photo effects with a single click”.

Photo Editing With BeFunky

When I think of industry standard photo editing software, the kind of programs that spring to mind are Photoshop, Gimp or some other editing package that I really have no idea how to use.

Those are “old school’ photo editing software programs that really do need a bit of studying to get the hang of.

BeFunky is “new school” software that gives everyone the skills of a Photoshop expert in a matter of seconds!

The features are what best sells BeFunky, there are so many effects that make getting the right look for your picture is a breeze.

BeFunky Mobile App Disclaimer – OK so here comes my mobile app from Befunky disclaimer … I couldn’t actually download the app because I have a small problem trying to work technology from my cell phone!

Fear not though because fellow WFHW team member Marcus has confirmed that the Befunky app works perfect on both Apple and Android devices.

But my techno hitch didn’t hold me back because I decided to create an account and use their super cool online application to spruce up my pictures.

Actually I have my own BeFunky page so I can share or keep private any images I create on their webspace – it’s like my own little BeFunky social arena! So lots of ideas popping into my head about linking images to a Pinterest account too.

Framing The Perfect BeFunky Image

Once you’ve got your picture looking just the way you want it you can click on the frames icon in the BeFunky control panel and pick out one of the many frames that are completely free to use.

Crop, straighten, rotate, sharpen, and add vignetting to any photo. Special features like beautify and fill light are there for you too. And as always tools for exposure, hue, saturation, etc., are included.

There’s a bit more to explore…

Adding texts to BeFunky is simple .. just click the box icon and type in what you want and it appears in the frame that you can drag anywhere you want. There are a heap of fonts to choose from.

Artsy gives you access to some rather artsy effects like cartoonizer and oil-painter etc. But don’t worry too much if like me, you haven’t got a clue about what effect does what.

Which ever icon you click in the control panel from ‘Effects to Goodies’ there’s a “features section” with the popular used options listed.

Having said that, on my desktop PC  it was just a click on any of the hundreds of effects and options would refresh my image and show me how it looked with the new style. Very quick and simple to use.

Adding Extras at BeFunky

One of the features at BeFunky that I’m sure gets the most use is the goodies section.

When you click on the icon you are given a list of extra props that you can add to your funky photo image.

For example, clicking on the ‘Perfect Skin Tool” I get the option to drastically adjust an original facial shot to create something worthy of the front page of Vogue.

It’s quite amazing what you can do for free these days with the photo editing software that BeFunky have developed.

BeFunky Review Summary

Regardless of your requirements of a photo editing program, BeFunky is without doubt the the perfect, simple-to-use solution that will leave you smiling with satisfaction as you create masterpiece after masterpiece with this amazing free-to-use tool.

BeFunky receives my highest recommendation for anyone wanting to edit and enhance their photo’s and pictures. Check out BeFunky today and get creative…I promise you will LOVE it!

Tony – WFHW

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