Avoid These Please

Every now and then we come across products/services/websites that we just cannot recommend to our Work From Home Watchdog visitors and we just have to say ‘No’.

Listed below are products that we have personally reviewed and feel do not make the grade. We therefore suggest that you avoid using/buying them.

Please note that all links below lead to our reviews for the product, so you can read for yourself why we do not recommend them.

> Authorhouse
Reason: Misleading service regarding ISBN, and excessive and unnecessary costs.

> Automated Cash Cloud
Reason: Unrealistic earnings, traps you into paying more for hosting than you expect and then hits you with huge additional training costs.

> Davison Inventions
> Davison Inventions follow up
Reason: Misleading service, multiple online complaints, successful FTC claim.

> Domain Renewal Group
Reason: Misleading service that should not be so expensive.

> Dorrance Publishing
> Dorrance Publishing follow up
Reason: Misleading service, excessive and unnecessary costs.

> Easy Money Machines
Reason: No description of what you will be doing, exaggerated earnings claims, huge upsells.

> Emobile Code
Reason: $49 to join and then HUGE necessary costs to follow. Exaggerated earnings.

> Empower Network
Reason: Unethical and aggressive pyramid scheme marketing process.

> Empower Network V2 (ENV2)
Reason: A more intense pyramid scheme, HUGE upsells, worthless blog system, guaranteed to cost you a LOT of money.

> Free Money System by Walter Green
Reason: Trading binary options – risky business. False earning potential and under-estimated set up costs. Video created using actors.

> Home Source For Earnings
Reason: No description of what the program is unless you pay, outdated training, hidden costs, countless complaints online.

> Income At Home
Reason: Herbalife MLM disguised as another product, unrealistic earning potential.

> Income Infuser
Reason: Misleading pricing structure, plug and play system that uses duplicate website content.

> Internet Marketing Apprentice
Reason: Mimicking another website, outdated training material and outdated approach to building a profitable website.

> John Casablancas Modeling & Career CenterĀ 
Reason: Multiple online complaints, misleading advice offered, greater importance placed on an individuals willingness to pay rather than their ability.

> Liquidation.com
Reason: Misleading description of stock quality, many online complaints, poor customer service.

> Mobile Money Code
Reason: Misleading claims, fake video, big upsells that you are not expecting and many online complaints.

> OnlineHomeJobs.com
Reason: Completely unrealistic earnings, website littered with grammatical errors, many complaints online about not being paid.

> Online Income Now
Reason: Vague sales page, request for phone number, false earning claims, outdated earning methods, MANY red flags.

> Online Income Solutions
Reason: No clear description about what it involves, misleading refund policy, numerous online complaints.

> Online Salary Solution Review
Reason: 1000’s of complaints around the world, no description of what is involved, fake testimonials, hidden costs.

> Powerseller Innovations
Reason: Misleading detail on website, latest news section over a year out of date, false claims of winning an award, no detail of the service they provide.

> Publish America
Reason: Very misleading information regarding the publishing of your written work. Multiple, credible and specific online complaints made about this company.

> Vantage Press
Reason: Excessive costs, they take ownership of your written work. Do not use if you wish to retain total ownership of your work.

> Workforhome.in
Reason: Unnecessary costs, contradiction regarding ownership and business authority, unrealistic earning potential, poor quality website.