Automated Cash Cloud Review: A Total Scam Or Will It Put You On The Rich List?

Any program that guarantees earnings of $1000 every day, on autopilot and for the rest of your life is naturally going to attract your attention.

Those are the bold claims made on, a website that will either set your alarm bells ringing or make you think that you have finally found the one program that can throw you a financial lifeline.

So I decided to take a closer look at Automated Cash Cloud to see if it really is a genuine and hands-free way of earning an income from home on the Internet.

Automated Cash Cloud Overview

The Automated Cash Cloud website follows a fairly common theme nowadays by having minimal written content and a video explaining more about the program.

Right from the off the video grabs your attention by stating: “Do you want to start earning $1000 per day, now, from just 5 minutes setup time, all done for you by my team?”

Next up comes a warning about limited availability. “Automated Cash Cloud is only taking on 20 people per day for a 5 day period, and today is the last day.”

I’m already concerned that Automated Cash Cloud is taking me in a dark direction. Early indications are that there could be a number of ‘scam factors‘ in place, so I’m cautiously monitoring everything that I see and hear.

The video rolls on and I eventually discover the method used to generated $1000 a day, guaranteed, is by having a ready made website.

The claims continue to flow with comments like: “you’ve stumbled on the promise land”, “Cash Cloud is a new sensation sweeping the Internet”, until I am eventually asked to enter my details and proceed.


Building a website does of course require hosting, and I would like to just point out that you are told on the video that you will have to pay for hosting and in doing so, Automated Cash Cloud will earn a commission from you.

Fair enough…they have at least revealed something that many other programs don’t.

It also states that hosting costs are just a very small percentage and will go completely unnoticed considering earnings are in excess of $1000 per day.

This concerns me because I haven’t seen any proof of $1000 per day as yet, and if it should end up being anything other than what is promised then anyone paying for this is going to be stuck with an ongoing hosting bill.

The Reality of Automated Cash Cloud

I sat through another video where it explained in detail the steps I needed to take on the next page. They were to choose a domain name, select my hosting package and then make payment.

It was suggested that I go for the longest hosting term that I could afford, with 2 or 3 years being the suggestion that was so kindly circled for me in the image below.

This of course means a greater cost, so I left it at the 6 month options which I and many others have assumed to be a payment of $14.95 every month. It turns out that is not the case.


It might well be $14.95 per month but Automated Cash Cloud automatically sets up 6 months worth of payments up front – $89.70.

Having receive 3 emails from people who paid the $89.70 without realizing, it strikes me as a red flag.

My second concern with Automated Cash Cloud is that there is no mention of how people will drive traffic to their websites.

It’s all very well having a website, but if it isn’t getting any visitors then it won’t earn a penny.

But the most worrying complaint is about what happens after you make payment, and reports suggest that not a lot happens.

In most if not all cases reported online, you are suddenly left in the dark. That is until…Your phone starts to ring.

As part of the process when agreeing to your hosting, you are also asked to provide your phone number.

In fact, you cannot complete the sign up process without adding it, and many people at this point are likely to be happy to hand it over.

But what appears to be happening is your details are then passed on to a 3rd party company who contact you and offer the necessary training to promote your website online.

Here’s one report of what happens:

Automated Cash Cloud Complaints1

These facts concern me.

To make such claims ($1000 per day on autopilot) requires a lot of justification, and the fact remains that whilst it is possible to earn a very good income online, it simply doesn’t happen overnight, on autopilot or with the press of a button.

Automated Cash Cloud fail to mention these most crucial points.

My Automated Cash Cloud Verdict

Let me get one thing straight before I summarize…there is nothing wrong with free entrance programs that you have to eventually pay for if you like what is on offer.

It has become a popular way for businesses to introduce themselves to potential customers online, and it exists in just about every industry.

However, the one thing that is very wrong is when you are not told about any potential future costs, or when you are intentionally misled into thinking any extras will cost a lot less than they actually end up costing.

This for me stands out as Automated Cash Cloud’s biggest downfall.

In short, they are suggesting potential customers can earn $1000 per day at no cost. But the reality is it could eventually cost $1000’s for the training with no proof that the system works.

Regardless of the cost, you are not guaranteed to be successful.

Your potential is mostly dependent on your own effort and input, and that is something that Automated Cash Cloud doesn’t mention.

That is why I speak so highly of my #1 work from home recommendation because it contains the most up to date training and support for people who want to build a profitable website.

All potential costs are explained up front, and it doesn’t cost a penny unless the program works for you and you decide to upgrade. That’s called “transparency”, and many other programs could learn a lot from it.

In summary, I cannot recommend Automated Cash Cloud as a legitimate way to earn a consistent income online, for the reasons stated above.

Have you experienced the Automated Cash Cloud? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcus – WFHW

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  • Most scam offers go through the same process as this one from cloudprohosting.

    After the Paradise promise of free, only hosting and website expense to unlimited riches offer then it is when the ordeal begins.

    I joined a similar program, probably the same one with a different name. It was free website setup, domain name offer to insane riches.

    I received a junk, awful website, received the phone call, I told them that I don’t buy phone offers, and that they send me an e-mail with all the details.

    They kept passing me from one person to another, the supervisor, manager, director, but insisted on an e-mail. Finally, they said that they would call me three days later. Never received the email and I didn’t answered their calls.

    I cancelled the account three days later, the guarantee was 30 days. And requested a refund.

    This was on March 7, 2014.

    I followed their cancelling and refund request to the letter. It has its gimmicks.

    After several emails, they cancelled but didn’t refund my $29.95.

    I contacted the BBB, FTC, and since they are based in Los Angeles, California, USA, I contacted the California Attorney General for Consumer Protection, and the Los Angeles Consumer Protection Agency. And have posted my experience in several forums.

    It is July 9, 2014 and no refunds received yet.

    I was adviced to make a claim at a court.

    I have asked in forums for other people with similar experiences to unite and have a class action case.


    A very great RED FLAG: the payment process is directly with them with credit card.

    This way it is very difficult to request a refund from them and from the credit card company.

    If it were through ClickBank or PayPal refunds are guaranteed.

    Don’t ever pay directly to a company if it you don’t know it.

    I will never again do it.

    I will pay directly if it is CB, PP, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ebay, Sears.

    Your friend,


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Antonios.

      I’ve actually been looking into a number of very similar programs in recent weeks and I do believe that there is a much bigger picture going on here in the background. One of my most recent reviews revealed a lot of similarity…you can read that one on the following page:

      You also raise a great point about the direct payment, rather than being through a middle man that will allow you to get a refund. Definitely something for my visitors to be wary of.

      Thanks once again, Antonios, and sorry to hear about your experiences. I hope you are able to one day get your money back.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW