Alpine Access Jobs Review

If you are searching for a work from home opportunity then I’m sure you will agree there are plenty of options. One of those options is call center support.

Alpine Access is one of the better known online companies that gives their “employees” the opportunity to train and work from home.

There is some small talk online about Alpine Access being a scam, and we’ll address those claims during this review as well.

Alpine Access Jobs

Have you ever called a customer care phone number because something you purchased didn’t seem to be working properly?

Chances are if you have, you may have been talking with a customer care support that has been “outsourced” to a company just like, and you didn’t even know it!

Alpine Access employees, or Customer Care Professionals (CCP) as they preferred to be called, handle all types of customer care related calls for the industry types listed below:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Member-based Organizations
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel & Hospitality

The first thing that you should know is that to work for Alpine Access you must be eligible to work in the US (they do hire from Canada too), and research shows that Alpine Access only hire from 40 out of the 52 states across the US.

To clarify…you are employed. This isn’t a self employed gig.

There is an in depth application process to getting a job on, however the application and security vetting seem to me to be in everybody’s best interest.

Yet it’s after these final stages of the application, once accepted and offered a position, that some are asking is Alpine Access a scam?

When you are offered an Alpine Access job for the first time they must conduct a background and credit check on you.

In doing so they ask you to pay $45 towards the background and credit check, it’s non-refundable and may turn up results that mean you don’t get a job.

This is where the scam claims are coming from and they are unfounded.

A company like Alpine Access would buy basic background checks for between $50 and $150.

If they wanted a more detailed check it would be between $200 to $500, so no Alpine Access scam…just honest vetting.

Once you have passed the application process you are given training and access to your CCP clients software. you’ll have between 3 days – 10 weeks of training which you will be paid for.

The hourly wage for employees of is currently $8 per hour and you get paid fortnightly. The pay is not great, but it does afford you the flexibility of working from home.

The training, support and expectations from your team leaders on the whole seems to be robust and there is no reason to think otherwise.

Imagine the scenario…your client is Microsoft and you are hired to be a CCP for the Xbox, it stands to reason that you would be given all the available training and info you need on Xbox fault diagnosis and fixes.

Whilst you may be working for Alpine Access, to the customer on the phone you are the Xbox support team, an extension of Microsoft themselves and they would expect you to behave accordingly.

Is There Anything Negative About Alpine Access?

It’s not all roses though at Alpine Access and I’d be painting a false picture if I said it was. Often your scheduled hours will change meaning that you will need to be flexible with your other arrangements.

Pay is low and getting a pay raise could take a while. Some of their clients expect you to put in up to 3000 hrs before you are considered for a raise and incentives for performance only feature in a small percentage of Alpine Access jobs.

There are also some reports of people saying they feel unappreciated as a customer care professional.

Here at Work From Home Watchdog we cannot confirm these reports, but they are commonly reported by others online.

As work from home jobs go, Alpine Access is a legitimate outfit and you could do far worse than joining their work force of customer care professionals.

However, it’s not going to make you rich and your earnings are capped by the amount of hours you can work a day – at least initially.

Tony – WFHW

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  • I really appreciate you sharing your own work experiences with Alpine Access. It appears that the support seems like the Achilles tendon for this company.

    If you are already set up at home then maybe give our work from home course a shot:

    It’s completely free to get up and running, and all Work From Home Watchdog members started with this much safer approach.


    Tony – WFHW

  • If you are a true professional, you will see right through this company. Right from the beginning, the hype and the marketing starts, trying to convince you how great Alpine is.

    To begin with, the hiring process is a joke. You will spend hours filling out questionaires, watching hype videos, and taking tests. Once you have passed all of this, you go into a “pool” of potential hires. If and when you are called to interview, you will be placed in an online chatroom and given elimination questions. After they clear out the chaff, you will be sent to another room and told that if they choose to move forward with your interview process, that they will contact you.

    I had not worked from home before and was very excited to go to work for Alpine. I gave notice to my current employer once I was told that I was hired. Alpine delayed my start date 3 months, making excuse after excuse which left me without income. If Alpine had not led me on, I could have continued working until they were actually ready for me to start. Had I not wanted to be working at home so badly, I would have never waited this long to go to work.

    The training is very fast paced and once you get into production, you find that you have learned very little about the real job you are going to be doing. Many times, your supervisors are in the same training as yourself and know no more than you do and can offer little to no help.

    Quality audits are extremely subjective and offer little to no positive coaching. The metrics are difficult to achieve in the beginning but usually become much easier as time goes by. Metrics are a tool used to weed people out quickly and you will find that your original classmates start to drop out daily from the program you are working on.

    The promise of more time with your family, incentives and flexibility are garbage. I spent less time with my family over a year than I had ever before working outside the home. You will never be able to work the hours that you are looking for. The incentives or bonuses are non-existent and the pay is extremely low.

    If you incur issues with their hardware/software, you will have to fight tooth and nail to be compensated for your time. They have a neat and tidy closet of hoops to jump through in order to be paid and if you don’t post your tech time/issues in a minimum of 3 places, you won’t be paid. Then, if you do follow their procedures, you can still be denied pay and have to start raising hell with management to get your money.

    They make everything outside of your call time a nightmare. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Keep searching as there are some very good companies out there that don’t treat you like cattle and pay much better than Alpine ever will.

    (I am currenly on layoff from this company and have tried multiple times to be placed in another program over the past year. I will no longer be reapplying with them)