WordPress Central Station Review: WordPress Video Tutorials Reviewed

wordpress central station

With WordPress becoming one of the most loved and used website platforms on the planet, it’s no surprise that yet another WordPress resource in the shape of WordPress Central Station was created. It’s a life time membership fee of just $47, and that is a good price IF it adds value.

I’ll dive right into what’s included in the program in this WordPress Central Station review, and as always, I’ll let you know exactly what I think of the parts of the product I’ve had access to.

The members side area of Wpcentralstation.com contains a whopping set of 80+video tutorials broken down into 7 modules.

  • Module 1 – Internet Marketing Basics
    • Titled ‘IM basics’ you may be surprised that this module is actually about buying a domain, transferring DNS and a brief overview of cpanel.
  • Module 2 – Basic WordPress Tutorials
    • WP Central Station members will find 30 tutorials on how to install WordPress, add plugins, themes and creating pages etc. It was here that WordPress Central Station shows it’s age. Created early 2010, most of the processes explained here are dated and the updates within WordPress itself have come a long way in the past 2 years.
  • Module 3 – Advanced WordPress Tutorials
    • Advanced tutorials on what has essentially already been covered. There are some additional videos on transferring data from one blog to another, redirection and basic css, plus creating a static front page. However as I said earlier, WordPress now has this functionality built in and it’s all quite easy to figure out. Thesis is introduced which is a WordPress theme that has a pretty high price tag.
  • Module 4 – Making Money From Blogs
    • In 2010 adding Youtube videos and banner links may have seemed cutting edge, but not today. This module also has video tutorials about curating content from ezines to place on your own blog. We all know that’s not such a hot idea nowadays!
  • Module 5 – SEO and Link Building
    • This section is where WordPress Central Station halts your progress in my opinion as submitting content via automation and joining link networks will almost certainly get your website de-indexed. It is a MAJOR red flag in Google that you are bound to do more harm than good following this section of video tutorials.
  • Module 6 – RSS To Email Marketing
    • Here you are introduced to autoresponders and rss via Feedburner. I bet you don’t recognize the services as the autoresponder services such as Aweber have changed dramatically in the last 24 months.
  • Module 7 – Social Networking
    • Here again you see that WordPress Central Station has had it’s day! The only 2 social networking tutorials are Friendfeed and Google Buzz. Is Google Buzz still going?

WordPress Central Station Summary
So here’s my quick and honest summary of  WordPress Central StationIt’s dated, and the honest truth is that it would have been so easy to keep up to date and add great value in this product. The tutorials on how to create a WordPress website are available at a number of locations online for free.

I’m not sure that you would get any extra value at all by spending $47 to look at what in reality are a set of 2 year old WordPress videos, and the very nature of the WordPress service means that you must keep all your training up to date. Sadly that isn’t the case at WordPress Central Station.

Tony – WFHW

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