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Do you enjoy completing surveys and being rewarded for providing feedback to research companies? If yes you may want to read what WFHW discovered about Toluna before you consider joining.

What Is Toluna?

Toluna marketing and research company is owned and operated by Toluna Group.  Their US firm is based in Dallas, TX with global headquarters in Paris France.

The Toluna online community provides consumers like yourself the opportunity to provide feedback to the world’s leading providers of products and services via surveys, in return for rewards.

How Does Toluna Work?

Toluna collects information via surveys and polls.


Companies contract Toluna to administer surveys to a certain number of community members.  Surveys are a great way to get consumer opinions about products, services about large consumer bands.  Your opinion will directly impact how these companies market and distribute new products and services to consumers.

Each survey starts with questions that determine if you are part of the target demographic required for the survey.  Most surveys take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.  Surveys are available on the Toluna website.  You can also have email invites sent directly to your inbox.

Completing your profile on Toluna will increase your chances of being selected for specific surveys.


Sponsor polls also known as quick votes consist of one question and reward you points for your participation.  Sponsor polls can be found on your home page.

How Do You Earn Points With Toluna?

You must be a member of Toluna with a verified email address in order to begin accumulating points.  To redeem rewards you must be registered on the site corresponding to your country of residence.

There are a number of ways you can earn points as a Toluna member:

  • completing surveys
  • completing sponsored polls
  • filling out your profile surveys
  • inviting friends to join

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn as a Toluna member.  Points are good for up to one year from the time they are earned.  Members can expect to wait up to 6 weeks for points to be credited to their account once a survey closes.

You can view your point balance on your dashboard.  More detailed information about your point balance is available by visiting the “points” option under the main menu.  On the points page you can see your points balance, how you earned your points and how you spent points so far.

You can spend your points by visiting the “Rewards Center”.  Here you will see a list of all the rewards available in your country.  Some examples of rewards offered include; sweepstakes tickets, great new gadgets, getaways, vouchers for a large selection of stores including Amazon or cash.

Who Is Eligible To Join Toluna?

Participants much be at least 18 years and reside in the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong or Germany.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Toluna?

Toluna does not guarantee how much you will earn.  The points awarded for surveys varies depending on the number of questions asked and the number of people required to complete the survey.  Members are only awarded points for the surveys they qualify for.  Members receive 15 points for every sponsor poll they answer.

Is Toluna a Scam?

Toluna is not a scam, however, some members have been very dissatisfied with Toluna for the following reasons:

1.  The number of questions they have to answer with each survey before being informed whether they actually qualify for the survey or not.

2.  It can take months to receive your rewards after points have been redeemed.  Some members claimed they never received their rewards.

3.  Some members have indicated they have not received points they earned while others have seen points deducted from their account if they were not an active member for a period of time.  These points were deducted without any warning.

Although Toluna appears to be a decent company WFHW is concerned about the negative feedback from members and anyone who wishes to join should proceed with caution.

Are you a current or past member of Toluna?  We would like to hear from you.  Share your experiences below.

Terri – WFHW

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JeRue - January 19, 2014 Reply

I tried so many surveys, but only end up with this message. How can I earn points, when I don’t qualify for all their survey. I’m beginning to lose hope and planning to cancel my account.

1. The number of questions they have to answer with each survey before being informed whether they actually qualify for the survey or not.

    Terri - January 21, 2014 Reply

    JeRue the best way to qualify for surveys is to fill out your profile and include as much detail as possible. If you still don’t receive many surveys it could be that you do not fit within the demographics that a company is looking for to answer a particular survey.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

    All the best

    WFHW Team

Shardool - April 1, 2013 Reply

Is there any way to redeem points on Toluna for money???

    Terri - April 1, 2013 Reply

    Hi Shardool

    If you live in the US you can go to and scroll down to Redeeming Points.
    If you live in another country you will need to check their site’s term page.

    All the best,

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