Impho Vs Wealthy Affiliate

WFHW was recently asked to review a site called Impho.  Like Wealthy Affiliate, Impho is an Internet marketing membership site that teaches members how to build a successful online marketing business.

When searching the Internet you will find that there is no shortage of work from home opportunities.  Unfortunately many of these opportunities over promise and sadly under deliver.

Many people have spent hundreds and some even thousands of dollars on programs and still haven’t made a dime online.In that respect, it’s refreshing to find two online marketing communities that offer a completely free membership.

Lets take a closer look at the free memberships at Wealthy Affiliate and Impho to see which community offers the best opportunity to earn income before upgrading to Premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson – two young university graduates from Victoria British Columbia who were experiencing success in the online world.  Wealthy Affiliate has become a leader in Internet marketing and online business training with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide.

What Is Impho? 

Impho was founded in February of 2012 by Allen Payne who has been making a full time income online for the past 10 years.  Impho is a 20 week training program designed to help beginners earn income online and veterans to take their business to the next level.

Direct comparison between the Wealthy Affiliate and Impho Starter Memberships

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership – Free to join.

  • Live Chat – 24/7 help and support.  Get instant answers to your questions from Kyle, Carson and experienced members.
  • Personal Blog – You get your own blog that you can use to write about anything related to your online business.
  • 2 Websites – Two free websites that you can install and host at Wealthy Affiliate.  Your websites will be up and running in 5 minutes with no technical experience necessary.
  • Starter Training – Getting started training including videos and a full step-by-step text tutorials.
  • 30 Keyword Searches per Month – This keyword tool exposes the exact number of competitors in the top search engines so you can quickly determine your chances of ranking.

Impho Starter Membership
Free to join.

  • Private Member Discussion – Includes tutorials, guides and posts created by the Impho team and members.
  • Public Community Forum – You get access to the community forum.
  • Build Your Network – The ability to build your own network of friends and loyal followers.
  • Community Help Desk & Private Messaging – With direct access to Allen and other members.

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate as the free membership provides all the training, tools and support needed to build an online business that can generate income.

Impho free members get access to private member discussions, community forum and the help desk.  These features offer great support but what’s missing is the training and tools necessary to build a successful online business. These are essential components.

The Wealthy Affiliate starter training plan gives you a step by step action plan so there is no guessing what to do next.  Set up and hosting for two websites means you can build multiple streams of income.

The live chat gives you 24/7 access to experienced members including Kyle and Carson who are willing to coach, support and guide you along the way.

Many members have built their first income stream using the Wealthy Affiliate free membership.  Whilst Impho looks as impressive, the free membership doesn’t provide the necessary tools required to actually generate an income online.

Do you have experience with Impho or Wealthy Affiliate? If so we would love to here about it in our comments section below.

Terri – WFHW

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Daniel Euergetes - April 9, 2013 Reply

Today I accidentally stumbled into impho. This membership, though very inferior to Wealthy Affiliate offers strikingly similar components as Wealthy Affiliate. It is my hunch that this program is trying to copy-cat Wealthy Affiliate and offer their services at cheaper pricing. I, myself, am going to delve further into it and have a look around.

    Terri - April 10, 2013 Reply

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for dropping by. Unlike Wealthy Affiliate as a free member of Impho you don’t get much. You can chat with the big guns as for training at this level there is none.

    All the best,


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