33 Reasons Why I Am Concerned About Work From Home Products In 2015

Right at the end of 2014 I received an email from someone I didn’t know and had never met before.

This is nothing new as I generally get around 50 genuine emails each week from people wanting advice on working online from home.

But this particular email stood out…for a number of reasons.

The person who sent the email didn’t give a name. They didn’t want a reply. They just wanted me to act on the information within the email.

Just like the picture above suggests, I suddenly felt like I was involved in some top secret mission. In many ways I now feel like I actually am!

The main focus of this very short and to-the-point email was a product called ‘Walter Green’s Free Money System‘ – a product that I reviewed back in August 2014. A product that continues to scam people to this day.

The email also contained a link and I was asked to check it out as it would suggest there is a lot more to programs like Walter Green’s Free Money System than what I might already know.

Obviously intrigued I scanned and then clicked on the link and below is a small snippet of the very long page that I found myself visiting. Note that I have intentionally blurred out the username:

What exactly is this and what does it mean?

On the page above I discovered a total of 33 ‘sales pitch’ videos for popular work from home products from late 2013 through to 2014.

All of the videos exist on one hosting server under the control of one user, and they all supply the video feeds to the 33 individual product websites.

There are only a few reasons (that I can think of) that might explain why this is so, but the initial point of interest for me was these videos are all from programs that have many similarities in terms of content, style and extreme earning promises.

For the non-tech savvy among you, the very fact these videos are all under one web hosting server, controlled by one user, is an even bigger concern. It suggests that there is a definite connection between all of the products. I’ll discuss why I think this might be happening shortly.

But before I do let’s first take a look at those 33 products and the money making methods they claim to focus on.

A timely disclaimer here: By listing the following programs I am NOT suggesting they are all scams. What I am suggesting is there appears to be a connection between them. I apologize in advance for the excessive white space below as you read through them.

  • Binary Chaos – trading binary options
  • 60k In 60 Secs – trading binary options
  • Cash For Codes – website building
  • Free Money System – trading binary options
  • Pro Binary Robot – trading binary options
  • Primexapp – trading binary options
  • App Signals Boss – trading binary options
  • Auto Income Generator – email marketing
  • Click Cash Commissions – affiliate marketing
  • Insider Confessions – trading binary options
  • 1 Cent FB Clicks – Facebook marketing
  • Instant Money Insider – trading binary options
  • Insured Profits – trading binary options
  • Covert Society – trading binary options
  • Secret Wealth Club – trading binary options
  • Miley’s Money Method – website building
  • Millionaire Trader Theo Patiila – trading binary options
  • Mobile Game Money – mobile game marketing
  • Trade Sniper – trading binary options
  • No Website Millionaire – affiliate marketing
  • Payday Shortcut – promoting Vemma (nutrition products)
  • 3 Point Cash Formula – trading binary options
  • Prime X App – trading binary options
  • Safe Trader App – trading binary options
  • Survey Supplier – online surveys
  • The 1 Percent Club – trading binary options
  • The 100k Club – trading binary options
  • The List Code – email marketing
  • Tokyobot – trading binary options
  • Traffic Robo – automated traffic generation
  • The Secret Wealth Club – trading binary options
  • Underground Millionaire – trading binary options
  • Zero traffic income – list buying/promotion

Do you recognize any of the products listed above? If you are active within the work from home market then there’s every chance that you have at least heard of some of them.

But why does there appear to be a definite connection between them?

Possible reason #1
All of these programs were created or the sole rights purchased outright by one person. This would explain why the videos are all on a server with one user. In my opinion this is highly unlikely due to the amount of effort involved for just one person.

Possible reason #2
A group of people have bought the sole rights to these products from the original creators as an investment and each earn a percentage of the income the products generate.

This is also unlikely in my opinion as it would be difficult to convince people that all of the 33 products are legitimate and therefore worthy of an investment.

Possible reason #3

A large team of people invested heavily in the original creation and ongoing operation of these products and have agreed to store the sales pitch videos on one hosting server.

They continue to profit from all of these products and will continue to do so until they are either withdrawn from the public domain or get closed down by a higher authority.

In fact, some of these products have already vanished. But for the potential group of “owners” this would be acceptable as it’s an investment based on a ‘safety in numbers’ (amount of products) scenario.

I believe this is the most likely explanation.

Should we be concerned about this?

In my opinion, yes.

As the title of this post suggests, the very fact that all the videos are one server is reason enough to be concerned about what is actually going on within the darker side of the work from home industry in 2015 and beyond.

My concern is that this could potentially be just one example of MANY similar groups of unethical marketers teaming up and earning fortunes by selling ‘impossible dream’ products to people who are desperate for a financial break.

The one VERY RISKY method that stands out…

Looking at the list off 33 products above you’ve probably spotted one method that shows up time and time again…

Trading binary options.

Over the last 12 months this has become a popular weapon of choice for scammers attempting to sell the ‘millionaire lifestyle’ to unsuspecting people.

‘Small/zero investment = guaranteed large profits’ is often how it is packaged up, but in reality it is one of the riskiest ways to make money online.

Only recently an industry expert replied to my Walter Green post and put the whole trading binary options method into perspective:

“Anyone who is promising a 90% plus success rate in trading binary options and willing to do so free of charge for others is offering something that is statistically impossible and never witnessed anywhere ever in the history of trading.”

(Full reply here)

In addition to this, products of this type are often regarded as scams because the extra costs are very high and you only learn about them once you join.

If you are unsure about any hidden costs associated with a work from home program then my tips on this page will ensure you find out before committing.


Do what is PROVEN to work and STICK with it

I know this is a fairly obvious statement to make, but when it comes to working online from home I believe it’s a black and white situation.

By that I mean there are the good guys out there (the ones who want you to succeed) and there are the bad guys (those who are only interested in your money). There’s very little in between.

I had my share of failures before realizing this fact but this year marks my 9th year with the same work from home program that was working well for others when I was searching for a genuine opportunity.

I stuck with it and it’s no coincidence that this program has gone on to become one of the most trusted programs of its kind online. It’s also the only program that has allowed me to work full time online, when and where I want to.

And it’s one of MANY programs with similar potential online, so if you’re looking for a legit work from opportunity then spend plenty of time on research before making a decision.

Ask plenty of questions and don’t assume that the top Google results are the most trustworthy. Dig as deep as you possibly can!

 Now it’s time for your say…

This post has gone on much longer than intended but that’s because I am very passionate about the work from home industry as a whole.

But now I would love to hear your thoughts on this discovery and what it could be going on behind the scenes of these 33 ‘money making opportunities’.

Q#1) Does it reveal a truly dark side where groups of marketers intentionally set out to con unsuspecting folk out of their hard cash on a VERY large scale?

Q#2) Or is there a more logical reason that would explain why these 33 videos all exist on just one hosting server?

Q#3) Will everything above make you think differently about new work from home opportunities in the future?

As always I would love to hear your thoughts!

Also, if you have any friends who have experience with any of the programs mentioned above (good or bad) then please feel free to share this post with them. Their input would be appreciated.

I would also be more than happy to hear from any of the creators/owners of the products listed above – especially if they can offer a genuine reason as to why their product has been mentioned here.

It would be great if together we can uncover exactly what this discovery means for the work from home industry in 2015 and beyond!

Marcus – WFHW

PS – Here’s an image of every video listed on the server. I personally checked all of them when creating the list above. See the image here. Click the crosshair to expand the image and ‘X’ at the bottom of the image to close.

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Widmaer - April 20, 2015 Reply

Great post Marcus! was actually looking for you and stumbled upon this website of yours :) Indeed there’s bunch of fluffs out there and more often than not.. it’s re-hashed info. Plus the day I stopped buying how to IM products, is the day I started making significant money online.

    Marcus - April 21, 2015 Reply

    Hi Widmaer!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and I totally agree that most if not all of the trash online is re-hashed, re-packaged rubbish.

    Glad to hear that it was a turning point when you stopped buying into these products and I wish you every success for the future :-)

    Marcus – WFHW

Kyle - March 6, 2015 Reply

There is more than enough empirical evidence out there to prove that all of the “churn and burn” clickbank, clicksure and JVzoo products are in some form connected with one another. A new product launches (that is eerily like all the rest of the products, just repackaged with a new sales page), a JV announcement goes out, and the same group of 50 or so GURUs promote the product to their list.

A week or so later the product becomes irrelevant, and they are onto the next promotion of their latest and greatest make money product.

The only reason this works and continues to make these folks money is because people are buying this garbage. I don’t think it will be long before people start waking up and smelling the scams and with revealing posts like this, I know the Internet will slowly become a safer place for opportunity seekers. Thanks for shining some light on these ridiculous scams Marcus.

    Marcus - March 6, 2015 Reply

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks so much for your input here, and I have to say that I agree with everything that you’ve said.

    People will keep falling for all the scams out there but I do hope that posts like this, and all the posts by the other good guys out there, will go some way to making the Internet a much safer place.

    Together we WILL get there!

    All the best,

    Marcus – WFHW

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